No matter what package you choose, you can also add some of our web plus packages:

  • MULTILINGUAL WEBSITE ( Converting your website into multilingual website, with unlimited number of languages, Price depend on number of language + cost of translation per word )
  • LOGO DESIGN(Professional logo design in best design solutions today – Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe PhotosDesign CC, based on consultation with you, the visual identity of the company and the current web standards
  • WEB SECURITY( Installing an SSL certificate on website: In order to Secure Your Data & Transactions, Boosts your site’s Google ranking with the  Strongest encryption on the market, Available DV, OV and EV SSL Certificates –  A Domain Validated (DV) Certificate verifies your ownership of the domain, while the Organization Validated (OV) Certificate proves that you own the domain and that your organization is legitimate. This is reassuring to your site visitors, as a fraudulent website would never pass these checks. The Extended Validated (EV) SSL offers the highest level of assurance to your customers – EV SSL applicants must pass an extensive vetting process.  When a user enters an EV SSL encrypted website, the address bar in their browser turns green. It’s a powerful visual “green light,” telling the user they’re on a safe site. )
  • SOCIAL MEDIA(Creating and integrating social networks into your website, Creating and integrating social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube … ))
  • EMAIL NEWSLETTER(Creating newsletter for you website which will best suits your company, and provide all additional informations to you subscribers, )